Milk Oolong- Oolong


Milk Oolong- Oolong

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Oolong Tea

Oolong tea with subtle natural milk flavors from Lishan (Pear Mountain) in Nantou, Taiwan.

Brew: 180 º, 8 oz of water, 1 tsp leaves, 40 sec-1 minute.
Infuse leaves multiple times.

1 oz, 13 approx. servings

2 oz, 26 approx. servings

8 oz, 78 approx. servings

16 oz, 156 approx. servings

Origin: Lishan (Pear Mountain) in Nantou, Taiwan

Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft)

Cultivation: Organic

Harvest Date: October 2016

Milk Oolong is a green oolong tea flavored with subtle, natural milk flavors to accent the sweet profile. The tea has a fresh, sweet, creamy flavor and a smooth, full texture. It has the beautiful flowery fragrance that is typical of Taiwanese oolong. The aroma and aftertaste are long-lasting, and there is a soothing cool sensation in the throat.

The Jin Xuan cultivar, meaning "Golden Lily", was developed in Taiwan in the 1980s to make a soft and creamy tea. Different tea cultivars have their own unique qualities. When grown at high altitude, Jin Xuan "Golden Lily" exhibits this creamy quality. This cultivar is specifically chosen for blending this flavored tea, as the tea only has to be subtly flavored to enhance the natural creaminess of the base tea.

Recommended for dessert lovers and the tea-drinking sweet tooth. Also a perfect gift for the novice tea drinker.

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