frequently asked questions


what does aesthete mean? and how do I pronounce it?




  1. a person who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art and beauty.


where is your tea sourced from?

Our tea is sourced organic and sourced directly from family farms. Visit our The Tea page to find out more details. Majority of our herbs are sourced from our friends at Portland Ashwagandha Farm in Corbett, OR.

can I purchase your tea in bulk to make at home?

Yes, up to 1 lb is available for most of our teas through our online shop. 

Can I have aesthete tea at my event or business?

Yes! Visit our Event Collaboration page for more information.


What is the shelf life of my tea?

6 months from time of purchase.


Your question wasn't answered?

Email us at! We are always happy to help!